Imperial Infosys offers a range of engagement options, all of them offering optimized solutions. Fixed Price Model, Time and Material Model or Dedicated Team Model are the engagement models from which the clients can choose as per their team requirements.

Fixed Price model

This model works out best for those who are sure about the requirements and deadlines. This model works as per the inputs of the clients and has lower risk levels and therefore is more flexible for setting up a mutually agreed fixed price based on a forehand analysis of development, optimization and quality assurance processes.

Time and Material

This model works best for those who don’t have a predefined set of requirements. This model offers easy customization as part of the development process. Clients can change the aspects of the model by opting from our hourly, weekly, and monthly engagement plans. This is the ideal engagement model for complex projects as it can optimize the cost and duration of the project.

Dedicated Team Model

For organizations that require long term assistance with certain technology, Dedicated Team Model is the right choice. This engagement model ensures that the cost is minimized and productivity of the team provided for assistance, remains in place.


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