Website and portal development

Imperial Infosys also assists clients in developing their Website and Portal. Assistance to set up the website is provided from scratch. Our aim is to deliver a finished product, i.e. helping from the stage of buying the domain, registering it as well as binding the domain.

Server assistance is also provided to users who don’t want to set up their own servers. All help is provided to the clients in purchasing and installing the server for their websites so that you can start the function of their website and storage easily.

Imperial Infosys believes in delivering the desired product and customer satisfaction therefore we have a customer-oriented and personalized Website and Portal Development service scheme. We provide the desired output that the clients expect.

Customer is one of the major parts of our website and portal development services. A finished website is what we aim to build keeping in mind the customer’s ideation and input to give the preferred look to the website. It is the client based on whose idea we develop Wireframes, PSDs, HTML-CSS Mock ups and the ultimate design.

We understand the flexibility the customer expects in designs which is why we work on both off the rack UI dashboard themes and customizing techniques for the design dashboard in order to achieve the vital attributes that the customer has asked for in the product.

Imperial Infosys also ensures that there is synchronization between the back end and the front end in order to ensure that the functions work the way they are expected to work. If you want a website and portal that has all the features that you dreamed of then Imperial Infosys are the people you have been looking for.

concept & design

With our close loop feedback system, we ensure that no two designs of our projects are same and you get the solution that exceeds your expectations.

creating & testing

We have an in-house team that constantly works to give a personal touch that closely meets your budget.

technical & support

We provide 24*7 uninterrupted technical assistance until and after UAT have been done.

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